Welcome to the Montessori School @ Old Field, Inc. This is a Montessori School that strives to practice the Montessori Method as closely as possible. It is a school dedicated to serve children.

The Montessori School @ Old Field is open to all children regardless of race, religion, or ethnic origin. It is a non-sectarian, non-denominational school. The school accepts qualified students, who in the opinion of the school will have a successful experience in the program.

The school believes in the philosophy from which it was founded...to provide a learning environment that is true to Montessori principles and precepts. The success of the school, however, does not only depend on the presence of Montessori materials and trained teachers. It also depends on a supportive family environment. When a family enrolls their child in a Montessori school, a change comes about, inconspicuous at first, but it happens. Children meet success in a Montessori School because their families make choices in tune with Montessori.

Children progress through stages of mental, physical and spiritual growth at different rates. Our environment is structured so that children have the maximum freedom to gravitate toward materials that enhance their current state of development. Children are encouraged to choose their own activities with teacher's support and guidance. With this freedom to choose, each child develops a sense of responsibility for his or her actions. The children are able to exercise freedom within limits. This fosters the growth of inner discipline and independence that leads to a healthy self-image. By nurturing children as individuals, we seek to develop confidence, intellectual growth, creativity, and a joy of learning.

We encourage a partnership with the parents of our students and look forward to working with you in the intellectual growth, spiritual development and care of your child.