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The Montessori Method

Dr. Montessori stressed that the two most important aspects of a Montessori environment are the materials and the teacher.  The Montessori materials must be complete and kept in good condition to maintain its attractiveness to the child.  The teacher must be well-trained, a good observer and have the understanding of the child’s sensitive periods and needs.

Dr. Montessori observed that children before the age of six undergo stages called sensitive periods.  These sensitive periods occur at different points of the child’s young life.  The most notable of these periods is the sensitive period for order.  There are also sensitive periods for detail or small things, for language and for mathematics.  The Montessori environment provides the child the opportunity to exercise these sensitive periods through lessons on practical life, sensorial tasks, writing, reading, mathematics, geometry, history and geography, botany and zoology, music, art, and foreign language.

At Montessori School at Old Field, your child will have the opportunity to learn by doing for himself in a prepared environment. Your child will have the freedom to fully develop himself and improve emotional intelligence.  The directress will have the patience at every step of the way and will be there with enthusiasm and gladness at his success.

With beautifully crafted learning materials, your child will learn at his own pace and grow in independence, self-esteem, respect for others and their work, creativity, a love for learning and good study habits.

After Montessori

Studies have shown that children who have had Montessori education develop above average to superior skills in reading, math, social studies and general study habits. Montessori children prove to adjust very quickly to their new school environment and are at ease at making new friendships. They become intellectually and emotionally resilient. 

It is often reported that children with Montessori education have better skills at following directions, submitting work on time, listening attentively, asking provocative questions and adapting to new situations. All of these qualities give the child a high degree of self-esteem, self-reliance, a well-rounded personality, and a true love for learning.